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Rui Borges Turntables

Rui Borges Turntables are personally designed and built from scratch by master craftsman Rui Borges.
Rui built his first turntable, the RSB Reference, in 1990 and displayed it at the biggest Portuguese Audioshow in 1995. It was highly praised by the audiophile community.
In 1996 a review of this turntable was published by the most importand portuguese audio magazine “Audio”, written by Jorge Gonçalves, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

The following year the RSB Reference received and award by the magazine as the “Analogue product of the year”.

Encouraged and motivated by that, Rui Borges created yet another masterpiece, called “Ultimo” and presented it in 2000.
Since then he has further developed his craft what lead to the “PENDULUM II” and the “UNO II”, that stirred up the audiophile world.
The judicious choice of materials, the assembly methods, the absence of any unwanted vibration and the rotational stability are the result of uncountable hours of research and experimentation.
Recognised for the extreme quality and ultra-high performance of his turntables, Rui’s quest for precision and his outstanding and unique attention to even the smallest details are the secret behind the unprecedented sound quality of these turntables.
His current flagship table is Rui Borges Pendulum II, but continuous research and development, lead always to better performance.
The current production of 2023 is significantly better.
The good news, upgrades is always available.
The most important is the new platter, (more details later).

Simply one of the best turntables in the world. Achieved with utmost care to precison in every detail.